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          Nandita秒。 Mani是健康科学和健康科学图书馆馆长联营大学图书馆

          As AUL & Director, Mani oversees one of the nation’s leading health affairs libraries. The UNC Health Sciences Library (HSL) is the primary library for the University’s schools of dentistry, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and public health. It also serves the UNC Medical Center and the North Carolina Area Health Education Centers (NC AHEC), a statewide program for clinical education and health services.

          她提供了HSL,其中包括导致超过55 FTE,约为800万$的年度支出预算的监督员工的领导和统筹管理,规划和政策制定围绕集开发计划,设施,基础设施,科技创新,合作活动,并推广到五大健康事务的学校和医院。她参与筹款和收入发展,包括合同,赠款和其他来源。此外,在参加全校范围内的程序和委员会和上述经销商图书馆系统区域,国家和国际。此外,她是国际事务顾问委员会联合国军司令部的一名积极成员

          Mani’s education includes a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Concordia University, and a subsequent masters degree in Library & Information Science and Ph.D., in Instructional Technology from Wayne State University where her primary areas of focus and expertise have been in instructional design, evaluation, and performance improvement. She has worked on curricular transformation projects at the University of Michigan where she lead the development of a 4 year longitudinal multi-disciplinary curricular thread for the School of Medicine, has taught information synthesis and evidence-based techniques to graduate students in the health professions schools, served as faculty for the UM Masters of Health Professions Education program, and taught and worked closely with clinical departments and residency programs during her tenure at Henry Ford Hospital.



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